Let the Sun Shine


Summer is still here and it's not going anywhere...

Part of the perks of living in SoCal is the countless days of sunshine. Even when the day may start off a little gloomy, the sun somehow figures out a way to shine through.

This can be true about life too: we all go through challenging times but if we strive towards the positive then we can overcome it. And trust me - everybody has something they're struggling with in life. Whether's it juggling family, careers, reaching milestones, checking off bucket lists, etc. We're all trying to work on improving ourselves.

When you were little, it seemed like everything revolved around "doing good" in school and graduating. During the 20's, it was a time to discover yourself and what career you wanted to embark on. Now, being in the 30's, I feel like it's about refining your craft and creating the type of lifestyle you want to enjoy living.

 It's crazy to think about it when you sit back and reminisce of how things were not too long ago. I'm not who I was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, let alone even 1 year ago. There were definitely lots of bumps along my journey that I would've never imagine that could happen...but it did. I've learned that life is unpredictable and doesn't always go as planned so I've got to figure out how to adapt to it in order to keep moving forward.

Everybody has a story and, hopefully, by sharing some of my experiences on this bloggie, I can help inspire you and others as well. Believe in yourself and anything is possible. 

I believe in you. Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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Photos by Garralei Martell


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