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Today's topic that comes to mind is this: what makes you happy?...
No, truly. What gives you that excited feeling where you can't help but to smile every time you think of it? Is it a memory? A person? A place? Or even food? I've been wanting to write this post for awhile now and finally taking the action to do so. And I think it's an important subject to talk about.

Fill in the blank: happiness means {______________}. What? What does it mean to you? When you sit down and put away any distractions (yes, particularly the phone), what are you enjoying about your life right now? Sometimes people tell me that they are not where they want to be. You know what? Neither am I. And you know what else? We may never be. We are constantly growing and evolving that even when we get to where we used to want to be, we may push ourselves to reach new goals when we get there.

So maybe we should spend a little more time reflecting on what we have accomplished. Every time you achieve a baby milestone, celebrate it! Embrace - and thank - yourself that you worked hard to make it happen. If you got a promotion (or raise) at work, congrats! If you passed a school exam, yay for you! If you got out of the house and completed all your errands, great job!

And it doesn't always have to be something BIG to celebrate. There are things to be happy about each day. When you start to recognize these daily self-accomplishments, it could lead to an increase in self-esteem and a boost of energy which can be a ripple effect to leading to more self-accomplishments.

When you give to yourself, you can give more to others. Because you feel better. And it'll show. Now I want to challenge you to find something that you do for yourself (not for your spouse, family, friends - just for yourself) that makes you happy. And do more of it.

So what's your answer: happiness is {_________________}.

For me, happiness is when I get relax with no errands or tasks to do. I've been clearing out my schedule lately to incorporate more of this (that may involve a glass of wine and an episode of Friends) which resonated with a quote I read online, "wasted time is worst than wasted money" or something like that. In a world where people are constanting giving, taking care of yourself is not being selfish. It's a way to recharge so you can continue to give - give to your spouse, give to your family, give to your friends, give to your coworkers, etc. Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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{photos by Vincent Luu}

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