RECAP :: Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival 2018


It's back and boy, was it gooooood...
I've attended the Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival now 4 times (out of the 5) since it first started (see post here) and it still continues to be one of my favorite local food events of the year! Founded by Stefanie Farnsworth Salam, she wanted to create a place that combined her love of food, wine, and cooking which lead her to start Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival back in 2014. Since then, every fall hundreds of people gather for a chance to experience this epicurean lifestyle event featuring celebrity chefs, top restaurants, and sips from wineries across the world. My friend (and photographer for the day) Annie joined me as we scoured through what felt like endless rows of food & wine options to put our taste buds to the test and make the tough decisions of what stood out amongst the rest. Keep on scrolling below to see more photos from the event plus favorites from this year!


My Favorites Award goes to:
SAVORY (TIE!) :: cheese tortellini pasta from Barilla (carbs + cheese = perfection!) 
+ truffled sweet corn agnolotti from Leatherby's Cafe Rouge (lobster with uni butter and lemon foam, WOW)
SWEET :: donut bites from Miss Mini Donuts
WINE :: Sauvignon Blanc 2017 from The Darling (there was also a really good Cabernet red wine but I can't remember from where, it has a purple label on it though)
ROSE :: Rose wine from Haute Couture (that fancy pink French fishnet bottle)
DRINK :: blackberry mint margarita from Red O Restaurant 
SURPRISE :: garlic soup shot from The Hendrix's (this flavorful slurp caught us by surprise!)

What would top your list?? Have you tried any of these yet?

I mean, with unlimited bites and wine, all I can picture is having one heck of a fabulous time. And we sure did. Thanks to the Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival team for a deliciously good event! Want to join next time? Keep an eye out for it to return next fall. As always, thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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{photos also by Annie Ngo}

{OUTFIT} Bebe dress (gifted from Betty - thanks girl!) :: Nine West heels from Nordstrom Rack 

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