3 Ways I Celebrated the Lunar New Year 2019


Last Tuesday 02/05th marked the start of the Lunar New Year aka the Year of the Pig for 2019...
The pig is the last position of the 12 animals on the Chinese zodiac. It is also considered the animal that gets along with many of the others. For 2019, the year of the Earth Pig symbolizes good fortune and luck {read your horoscope here}. So how does one celebrate the lunar new year, you ask? Well I'm sharing 3 ways how I celebrated this festive holiday below.

1 :: Praying at the temple
It's tradition to go to the temple to pray during the lunar new year. There's actually a lot of praying that goes on at different locations. One spot includes praying while shaking a cup of sticks and when one stick falls, you read the number on the stick to find out your fortune for the new year. Afterwards, you go to eat vegetarian food in the back of the temple. I did this with Kaf and Linda last year and it was so fun do it together again this year.

2 :: Dining with South Coast Plaza at Anqi
I had the lovely pleasure of joining the South Coast Plaza team for a Lunar New Year luncheon at Anqi last week. We got to taste some of their unique new creations including longevity noodlessteamed filet of sea basscrispy skin pork belly, along with a bountiful harvest dessert. This delicious special menu was available until the weekend (sorry, it ended 02/10th). We also got to preview some of the South Coast Plaza store's special merchandise created just for the Year of the Pig, available for a limited time while supplies last.
***Thank you so much to the South Coast Plaza team and AnQi for having me!

3 :: Playing at Disneyland California Adventure Park
Did you even know that Disneyland celebrates the Lunar New Year?! Well, actually Disney's California Adventure Park but still! We went before {here} and it was so fun to renew our Disney passes to come back again to see their Year of the Pig decor (fyi the Mister is a piggie so it made it more special). You can also try their Asian-inspired dishes like the pork bun, make a wish at their lucky wishing well, take pictures with Disney characters in traditional attire, and watch the Mulan parade with characters dressed for the holiday. Hurry if you want to catch this cause it is only going on until 02/17th.

Do you have any lunar new year traditions? 

Happy Year of the Pig everyone! May this year bring you lots of good health, luck, success, and adventures. Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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