Pretty Pastels for a Spring Wedding


The rain starts to go away, the flowers start to bloom, and pastels come out to play...
There's something about spring weddings that makes me feel sooo excited {we did, after all, got married last March}. Earlier this season, we attended our friends Ferdie and Cindy's wedding at the White House Banquets & Events Center in Anaheim. Surprisingly, with all the weddings I've gone to, I've never been to this venue before and what a hidden gem it was! The outside courtyard was filled with greenery and made for such a great backdrop for photo ops. This area was pretty spacious for cocktail hour while guests got to mingle and take pictures with the beautiful couple. Plus they had the multiple courses of Asian food {yums!} and ice cream catered in by Afters. It was a lovely celebration and so happy for these two. Congrats Ferdie and Cindy on getting married!

What is something you look for in a wedding venue??

When we were on the venue hunt, they had to serve the multi-Asian courses, be local, and able to have a ceremony onsite which actually narrows down a lot of places. Luckily, we found the perfect spot {here} that met everything we wanted. As always, thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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