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Following up on my post {here}, I'm sharing our Temecula wine tasting itinerary with you...
Have you ever wanted to go to certain places but just didn't know where to go? And as much as you'd like to do extensive research into a place, sometimes you just don't have the time? Now you don't have to worry cause I've got you covered. That's right! Allow me to introduce my new blog category "ATK City Guide" that I've been wanting to do for quiiiiiite some time. Whenever I travel or go some place new I enjoy, I just want others to experience it too! There seriously is so many cool things out there and some of them are just in our backyard! So if you've been thinking about going wine tasting in Temecula and haven't yet, now there's no excuse to delay it. Keep on scrolling cause I'm spilling the beans on the whole run-down of where to go wine tasting in Temecula {make it a bachelorette trip with tips here}!

WINERY STOP #1 :: Meritage at Callaway Winery
32720 Rancho California Road, Temecula, CA 92591

Our first stop for our Temecula wine tasting journey was at the Meritage at Callaway Winery. Their outdoor lush green vibes just instantly captures your eyes. I mean, how pretty is that archway?! Plus, you get to enjoy the view of the winery while sipping on your tastings. It was a nice start to kick off the bachelorette celebration.

WINERY STOP #2 :: South Coast Winery
34843 Rancho California Road, Temecula, CA 92591

The South Coast Winery is another fun place to go to! Stop by here for a quick visit to try their popular wines you've seen at the markets. We loved that you get to keep the wine glass here! What a great idea. One of my girlfriends Victoria got me this super cute wine cork tiara & it was perfect for the occasion {thanks girl!}.

WINERY STOP #3 :: Wilson's Creek Winery
35960 Rancho California Road, Temecula, CA 92591
Last, but definitely not least, you must - I repeat, MUST - stop by Wilson's Creek Winery! It's such a beautiful place and you can totally have a picnic outdoor on the grassy areas if you have time. Since we came from the OC, we already ate most of our food and snacks on the party bus on the way there {haha}. So pack extra if you plan on having a picnic here (first come, first serve on picnic spots). We also got to keep the wine glasses here too which makes for great souvenirs!
WINE TIP :: Try their popular Wilson's Creek Almond Wine - it's so goooood.

Are you more into reds or whites wine?

For a while I was into the reds but now the white wines seem to be attracting me more. Something about the light, crisp taste of it makes it easy to drink. Both are still good though (haha). FYI we did about a half-day trip {about 6 hours} for this wine tasting bachelorette and 3 wineries were more than plenty to go to (even 2 is fine if you want to spend more time at each one, up to your group and how much they plan to "party"). Happy sipping! And, as always, thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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{STYLE} Forever21 dress :: heels (old) :: wine tiara (gifted from Victoria)

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