#babyonthewayforTK :: How I Knew I Was Pregnant


Some people don't know when it happens and some do. I just happened to fall under the "do" category...
Before I even took the pregnancy test, I already had a feeling that I might be pregnant. In fact, I had that feeling for several weeks ahead of that. Weird, I know but it was like my body was already telling me to "get ready for it."

We actually didn't take the test right away and ended up waiting a little over a week to do it (the Mister's idea haha). By that time, it just reassured me even more what I was already thinking. I was already noticing changes and getting signs that I could possibly be pregnant.

First, I was late. Yeah that's a given but I'm usually pretty on time. Like on the dot to the exact day on time and when that day passed, I thought to myself: okay it's happening. The Mister, however, was in denial at first, because we had just started to not not try anymore and didn't think it'd happen that fast (neither did I!). So he wanted to wait a week before I took the pregnancy test, just to be sure that it's not due to any extra stress, etc. As each day passed that week, every time I went to the restroom and didn't see any signs of blood, my inner feelings grew deeper and deeper. When that one week mark came, I was more confident than ever that I must be pregnant (and even then, he was still in denial haha).

The second thing I noticed were that my boobs were getting more sensitive. Strange thing to observe but it was true. It doesn't even happen when I'm on my period so I knew something was going on. It's really important to be aware of your body because sometimes it can tell you things before you even know it.

Finally I took the pregnancy test. We used the Clearblue pregnancy test with digital smart countdown  {here} because I liked how it clearly tells you the results as "pregnant" or "not pregnant" so there's confusing of having to read any lines. We had just hosted a dinner at our place so I didn't take it until afterwards, around 1am. I peed on the stick, flipped it upside and waited for the results. When what felt like a couple minutes went by, we were both sitting at the edge of our bed as I flipped the pregnancy test over. Sure enough, it read in clear blue words: pregnant. We were both shocked and surprised. To double check, I even took another pregnancy test the next morning and it had the same response: pregnant. I immediately booked a doctor's appointment afterwards. And that's how our journey began.

To my fellow mamas, how did you first know you were pregnant?

It still feels surreal but I'm trying to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy journey. Thank you for reading and letting me share it with you. Sending you all some big hugs!!

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{photos by Sasha Lannier; taken during our Paris trip when we were already 8 weeks pregnant!}

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