#babyonthewayforTK :: It's A... {Gender Reveal Announcement}


In case you missed it on social media, we have officially announced our little piggie's gender!...
I did a poll on Instagram and Facebook for people to guess what the gender would be with the current pregnancy symptoms I've been having and, surprisingly, there were a lot of answers that went both ways. Many guessed it would be a girl and many others guessed it would be a boy. How funny!

Well, let's wait no longer. *drum roll please* We are having a...BOY! Yup, that's right, a precious little boy is baking in my oven (hehe). We are already in the second trimester at 24 weeks now. Time is seriously flying by so fast! Still gotta plan the baby shower, prepare the nursery, and so on.

Did you know that it's up to the male to determine the sex of the baby? The female's egg has the XX-chromosomes and the male's sperm has the XY-chromosomes. Each person gives one of their chromosome and that's how the sex of the baby is created. If the male gives an X-chromosome with the female's X-chromosome then they'll have a baby girl (since it'll be XX-chromosomes). However, if the male gives a Y-chromosome with the female's X-chromosome then it'll be a baby boy (hence creating the XY-chromosomes). So, it's all up to that male's sperm that reaches the female's egg first and what it decides to give that makes the final decision. So the pressure is on guys!!

My fellow mamas, how did you announce your baby's gender?

We did a small gender reveal party to surprise my dad on his birthday. Photos and blog post on that to come! As always, thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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