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Most baby showers seem to be for the mom-to-be but what about the dad-to-be?...
With our little piggie roasting in the oven, and the arrival of our 1st born child, I thought it would be nice to have a co-ed baby shower together. Usually guys don't like to celebrate (or don't know how/what to do) so this would just make it easier and everyone could attend! Let me tell you though, planning a co-ed baby shower for a baby boy isn't easy. I didn't want it to be too feminine or masculine but a good mix of both. After searching online for several ideas, I narrowed it down to a few options and showed them to the Mister and he really liked the backyard BBQ idea. Hence, the idea of a B(a)B(y)Q baby shower to welcome a baby boy on the way! Below I'm sharing what we planned to put it all together.


From the gecko I already knew that I wanted it to be a backyard theme and one of our good friends let us host it in their spacious backyard (thanks TP!). The backyard vibe gives off a relaxed, comforting, homelike feeling which is exactly what we wanted.

#2 // DECOR
When you think of BBQ, the red plaid gingham print comes to mind. Since we were having a baby boy, I wanted to incorporate the color blue - but not just any blue, royal blue. So we chose our color scheme to be mainly royal blue, yellow, and white. The middle sisteroo Kaf made the custom diaper cake and it turned out so well!

We were hosting a BaByQ co-ed baby shower for about 60 guests so we needed to make sure to have plenty of seating and, since it was still sunny and hot in OC, a big tent to provide shade. To make it easier for us, we usually just rent tables and chairs (and tents, etc.) from a local party supplier. They come to deliver everything, set it up, and come back later to pick everything up. Easy peasy!


I mean, it's BBQ-themed so you know there was going to be some ribs and chicken! We ordered baby back ribs and biscuits from Lucille's Smokehouse, fried chicken and mashed potatoes from Popeye's, plus the Mister cooked up a bunch of dishes himself (pulled pork, cole slaw, corn on the cob, grilled sausages, and even made wintermelon milk tea)!

What's a baby shower without baby games, right?? I wanted to go with 3 games that were quick to do so guests aren't waiting too long for it to finish (I've been on the other end of that before). We did Guess Mommy's Tummy Size (as guests enter they can cut a ribbon to the size they think it is), Baby Bingo (you can find blank ones online to print and fill them out yourselves), and Decorate a Onesie as a group game (buy blank white onesies and leave some markers) for each table. Each game took just a couple minutes and we gave away a variety of prizes (movie tickets, a bottle of alcohol, and Starbucks gift cards) for each winner. Simple and easy!

Special thanks to my sisteroos Kaf & Sus for helping to host our baby shower day-of! Kaf made that cool diaper cake for us which was perfect for our dessert table and Sus made all the printout signs. Also, many thanks to our close friends and family who came out to help decorate and shower our little Baby Bui with lots of love - we truly appreciate it so much!!

What are some of your favorite Co-Ed Baby Shower themes?

Other themes I liked were zoo animals, jungle theme, or honey bee. I just gotta save those for birthday celebrations then, huh (haha)? As always, thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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{most photos by Gordon On - thanks for capturing these memories for us!}

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#ATKtips // When planning events, pick and choose what you want to spend your time on. There's so many details and effort that goes into it and you can't do everything yourselves. See if you can delegate some tasks, what you can borrow, and if you can go early (maybe a day or 2) to drop off supplies/set up decor. The day of an event is already hectic enough so whatever you can do in advanced will relieve some stress. 

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