5 Pregnancy-Friendly Things to Do at Disney California Adventure Park


Even when you're preggo, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying Disney!...
In today's blog post, I'm sharing tips for my fellow mamas-to-be for when you're pregnant at Disney California Adventure Park!

When we initially renewed our Disneyland passes earlier this year, we didn't think that we'd be expecting by the end of the year. And boy, does that change what we do at Disneyland now (haha)! No more roller coasters, no more drinks...I mean, what else is there left to do?! Well, luckily, there are still a few attractions and fun beverages you can enjoy that are totally pregnancy friendly! Keep on reading to find out below.

Here are 5 Pregnancy-Friendly Things to Do at Disney's California Adventure Park:
1 :: Set sail with Ariel's Undersea Adventure. It's a smooth sailing ride where you sit back, relax, and enjoy. Plus the wait time is usually pretty short. This is great for any time during the pregnancy to give your feet a break and enjoy one of (my favorite) Disneyland classics.
2 :: Enjoy a churro. Yes, you can still treat yourself here - just in moderation (be careful if you have gestational diabetes then I don't recommend this). Right now they also have seasonal churro flavors if you want to try those! I'm more a keep-it-simple-with-the-basics when it comes to my churro though. Those seasonal ones look extra sweet for me.
3 :: Challenge your partner to the Toy Story Mania ride. Depending how far along you are in your pregnancy, you may still be able to go on this interactive ride. There are several twists and turns but it didn't feel like anything too strong. I went on it during my 2nd trimester.
4 :: Sip on Rita's Tropicool drink. This non-alcoholic beverage is almost like having a margarita...almost. But no complaints from me cause I enjoyed it! The Tropicool drink at Rita's Baja Blenders (in the food court area) comes in lemon-lime and strawberry flavors, plus sometimes they have seasonal flavors. I mixed the lemon-lime and strawberry together and it was refreshingly delicious (even the Mister enjoyed it!).
5 :: Soar in the air with Soaring Around the World. You're buckled in and "soaring" over California (aka a projector screen) so there aren't any rough movements. I went on this during my 2nd trimester and will probably go back on it again during my 3rd trimester.

 After searching online, I also found this list of rides for Doing Disney's California Adventure Park when Pregnant (full link and details here):
Red Car Trolley
Disney Junior - Live on Stage!
Sunset Showcase Theater
Monsters Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue
It's Tough to be a Bug!
Flik's Flyers
Mater's Junkyard Jamboree
Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters
Heimlich's Chew Chow Train
King Triton's Carousel
Games of the Boardwalk
Mickey's Fun Wheel
Silly Symphony Swings
Jumping' Jellyfish
Golden Zephyr
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
World of Color

Are there any other rides you want to add to this list? Do share below!

Don't forget, you can also enjoy all the shows, parades, walking attractions, food, nonalcoholic drinks, and character meet&greets! Most importantly, you know your body best so listen to it and notice how you're feeling. If it doesn't feel right then trust your instinct. As always, please consult with your doctor first before going on any rides if you have any questions or concerns. These are just the rides that I've gone on and haven't had any issues with. Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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