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For my pop's birthday, I wanted to also do a gender reveal announcement and here's how we did it...
When planning to announce your baby's gender, do you already want to know what it is? Some people can wait but we absolutely could not (haha). When we were having our ultrasound done, there was no hesitation that we wanted to know right away what our baby's gender would be. It just helps to plan a baby shower, the baby room, baby decor, etc.

Since my dad didn't know the baby's gender yet (the Mister couldn't wait to tell his parents on the same day of the ultrasound; he's so bad at waiting haha), I wanted to make it extra special and wait to tell him at his 78th birthday party last month. My side of the family is pretty intimate, mainly just me and my 2 little sisteroos and papa bear. At first I was just going to have a gender reveal cake - which we did have - but then it felt too small and "blah" for me so I wanted to plan a whole dessert table. Nothing crazy but something nice and special to share this good news of our upcoming little piggie.

I thought about it for a bit and wanted something classy but also quick and fast to put together. After some online researching of gender reveal party ideas, I came up with a great party idea that you can do too!

Since this was a last minute idea that I was going to put together, I didn't want to overdo it. I mainly focused on 3 different types of desserts: Rice Krispies treats, cotton candy, and cake of course!

To make the Rice Krispies treats, melt white chocolate candy in a bowl and use a spoon to drizzle it on one edge then sprinkle edible glitter over it before it dries (so move fast, it dries quickly). To make the gender reveal cake, I baked a moist yellow cake (tried the Duncan brand this time) and it came out pretty moist! I cut it in half to put whipped vanilla frosting and edible glitter between the layers then spread more whipped vanilla frosting on the outside. The Mister helped me with this (as he's more the creative one, obviously) and he helped to sprinkle on the rainbow sprinkles on the side and did the cool top decor using a fork to create the little spikes. I loved how it came out! For a fun twist, I used pink & blue cotton candy (from Polar Playground, of course!) and placed them atop the champagne cups (from Dollar Tree). Super easy and makes for a great decor piece too. My youngest sister Susan make all the cute signs using her Cricket machine and I added some florals to give more texture. You can also put an ultrasound photo of your baby on the table too (unfortunately, that was the one thing I forgot - sadness).

Are you going to try to make any of these treats?

TRUST ME, if I can do so can you! Let me know if you try it. ;) Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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