A Letter to My First Born for Mother's Day 2020


A written note or card has always meant so much to me.
Growing up, my dad never cared for gifts. He valued family time and if we wanted to get him something for the holidays, all he wanted was a card. Now that I’m older (and a parent now), I see why it means so much to him. You see, gifts can fade or get old but a card - a card you can keep with you and look back to read it years from now. It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give that still keeps giving years later.

Today is my first Mother’s Day and I have a mixture of emotions. Sad cause I miss my own mother (she passed away from breast cancer when I was 3). Confused because I’m still in shock - wait what, I’M a mom now?! And so happy because I AM a mom and it’s the best feeling (to me) ever. So I thought I’d commemorate this day by sharing a letter to my first born on Mother’s Day, something for him to read in the future.

Here it goes...


Dear Kyler,

It’s our 1st Mother’s Day together! There are so many reasons why I love being your mom. When you wake up and see us, you have such a big smile on your face. Your laugh is contagious and brightens up the room. You’re trying so hard to talk and making lots of sounds now (we nicknamed you “Chatterbox Bui” haha). You love to be held and getting more active - the new thing you like to do is flip over fast onto your tummy or standing up on our knees (I think you might walk before you crawl). Sometimes, when you’re hungry, you bite my face and give me drool kisses on my cheeks (hehe I love it). You like to fall asleep in my arms so we have slumber parties. You make our home so lively and entertaining. Oh Kaibear, you’ve been so good to us and so loving. I am incredibly lucky to have you as my son, my precious baby boy, my first born child. Becoming your mom has been the best gift ever. I love you so so much and will always be here for you.

Many kisses and cuddles,


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas (and dads who are moms too) out there!

You’re all appreciated. As always, thank you for reading and sending you hugs!


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