3 Ways to Get Organized for 2020


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So I talked about how to create a home office last time and now here's some tips to get organized.
Earlier last month (before things changed), I attended an influencer event at the newly opened Erin Condren store at Irvine Spectrum Center and it is stationary h-e-a-v-e-n! Seriously! I do not know how else to describe it. From colorful pens to personalized planners, notebooks, and calendars to stickers-for-any-occasion, this place has it ALL and these photos of the new store will make you want to go there ASAP (right after this quarantine is over). And if you don't live in the OC, don't worry you can always place an order on their website (I hear their 2020-2021 Life Planners are coming out soon!).

Know someone getting married? Personalize a wedding planner for them!
Know a teacher? Personalize a teacher lesson plan book.
Know someone who works with paperwork? Get them some cute stickers and post-its to make it fun.
Either way, you can find something for yourself or as a gift for someone special in your life.
The Erin Condren shop has you covered to help brighten someone's day!

Which is why it has become one of my favorite go-to places to get my yearly planner (obsessed with their life planners) and why I love using their stationary. I am also super obsessed with their pens because they carry sooo many colors and I like to color coordinate things. A little crazy like that but I love looking at my planner and being able to tell how my schedule is going to look like just by how many different colors I see.

And since many people are working from home now, they may have not been initially prepared for it. If that's you, don't worry. I'm sure you're not the only one who suddenly had to create a work space at home (see tips here). After you set up your home office, you'll want to add your personal touch! Whether it's personalized notebooks, fun stickers, lots of pens, or even creative post-it's, surround yourself with things you like and you'll notice feeling more motivated to get the job done.

So what are 3 ways to get organized? I'm sharing them below! These tips help me so hopefully they can help you too.

TIP #1 // WRITE THINGS DOWN. Create a daily/weekly/monthly to-do list. Whether you have a planner or a notepad or use your phone reminders, find a system that you like and would use often. By writing tasks down, you are holding yourself more accountable because you can actually see it versus just thinking about doing it.
TIP #2 // KEEP THINGS SEPARATE. I wear many different hats for different jobs. To help me stay on track, I keep things separate. Example: using a separate notebook for each job. That way all my notes for whichever job I'm referencing to is together in one place and not mixed with other job notes.
TIP #3 // GIVE YOURSELF A DEADLINE. Write down due dates of when to complete certain tasks and set reminders for the week before and even a couple days before it's due. The reminders help you stay on track because it's so easy to forget a task and the last thing you want to do is stress out even more on the day it's due.

To get that inspiration flowing, I've rounded up these super cute stationary to help you get organized for 2020. Cause I believe you can do it!

Are you working from home? How are you staying organized?

I've been working from home (for one of my jobs) for several years so I understand how important it is to stay organized because things can get lost/confusing real fast.

Thanks Samantha for giving me a tour of the new Erin Condren store at Irvine Spectrum Center! It's so bright and colorful with so many cute stationary to choose from!

As always, thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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