Self-Care Ideas to Do at Home


There's a lot that's been happening lately and I wanted to check in with you.
How are you doing? How are you feeling? Anxious? Depressed? Confused? Worried? All of the above? It's okay. With the coronavirus pandemic, protests, riots, news changing all the time, it's okay if you're feeling a mixture of emotions right now. It's actually quite overwhelming for anyone to try and process constant changes especially when there's an unknown answer. The most important thing to do, while all this is going on, is to remember to take care of yourself. I created a list of self-care ideas below that you can do while at home! Some of them only takes a couple minutes too if you're a busy new mama like me.

{breakfast in bed, homemade by the Mister}

Self-Care Ideas to Do at Home:
read a book (or a chapter if you have less free time)
journal (anyone do daily gratitude journaling?)
bake a dessert (cookies, anyone?)
sip your morning coffee/tea without any distractions
meditate for 2 minutes (5-10 minutes if you're able to)
draw or paint or color an art piece
exercise for 30 minutes (at home workouts? yoga? pilates?)
listen to a podcast (or audio books)
unplug from technology (try to resist temptation to go on social media)
take a bath (add epson salt to help relax muscles)
cook your favorite dish (or try a new recipe!)
clean your space (anyone else feel cleaning to be therapeutic??)
plan your goals for 2020 (big or small goals count!)
treat yourself to an at-home spa day (mani? pedi? face mask?)
reorganize your closet (maybe donate some items?)
Facetime/Zoom/House Party with family and friends (to stay connected with others)
pick up an old hobby or start a new one (can't say you don't have free time to do this right now)

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What self-care activities have you been doing at home lately? Try out this self-care bingo game below to see.

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I've been disconnecting from technology and learning to enjoy the slow days while spending time with Kyler. He's already 6 months and it feels like he's been growing so fast so I'm trying to soak it all up every day (before going back to work)! Whatever it is, take time out EACH DAY to do something for yourself. I can't stress it enough how important that it. How important YOU are. Cause when we take care of ourselves mentally, we can take on the day physically.

As always, thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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