Support Black Owned Food Businesses in OC


I have a platform and I want to use it to help spread awareness and support the local community.
These last several days (weeks?) have been a lot to take in. I spent time reading, researching, listening, and learning. I've texted, donated, shared, and supported. It was an eye opener and a lot to take in at the same time. I still wanted to do something more - to continue taking action - on how else I can help. Well, you know how much I like to eat so I compiled a list of black owned food businesses in Orange County to help me remember and be able to keep supporting the local community! I'm a visual person and likes things organized in a list format so this actually helps me understand the information better. Especially with caring for an infant, my mommy brain sometimes forgets things easily so having a list I can look at, makes my life easier. Hope you get a chance to try some of them out below!

Anaheim - Bred Hot Chicken food truck (gourmet Nashville hot chicken)
Anaheim - Georgia's Restaurant inside Anaheim Packing District (soul food)
Anaheim - Roscoe's House of Chicken N' Waffles (soul food)
Buena Park - Protein Lab (protein shakes, drinks, fruit smoothies, superfood bowls)
Brea - Protein Lab (protein shakes, drinks, fruit smoothies, superfood bowls)
Costa Mesa - Fork in the Road (catering, meal delivery)
Costa Mesa - Iron Catering Crew (online ordering, personal chef, craft services, etc.)
Garden Grove - The Nest (breakfast dishes)
Garden Grove - Tribute Coffee House (coffee, tea, pastries, breakfast, sandwiches, etc.)
Huntington Beach - Aosa Coffee (coffee, tea, kombucha, pastries, acai bowls, avocado toasts)
Huntington Beach - Beale's Texas BBQ (BBQ meats, sandwiches, family meals, etc.)
Huntington Beach - Hambone's BBQ Bar & Grill (BBQ smokehouse)
Irvine - Lynda's African Delicacies food truck (African dishes, catering)
La Palma - Gram's Kitchen (Southern comfort dishes)
Laguna Beach - McClain Cellars (wine, wine tasting)
Long Beach - Georgia's Restaurant inside Anaheim Packing District (soul food)
Orange County - Made by Yub (cheesecakes, cookies, bundt cakes, special orders)
Orange County - Morika's Southern Delights (Southern desserts, catering)
San Clemente - The Fuel Shack (breakfast, salad, pastries, drinks)
San Clemente - Tico Rico (Costa Rican made hot sauce)
San Juan Capistrano - Cloud 9 Bakers (pastries, breakfast, cupcakes, catering, etc.)
Santa Ana - Munchie's Diner (vegan deli and diner)
Santa Ana - Naughty Panda (vegan sushi)

Let's join allyship to help amplify their voices! Support black owned businesses, share their stories, leave a review, donate to organizations, and continue to help make a change for the future.

Have you tried any of these black-owned food businesses yet?

If there's any extra for me to add, please let me know in the comments below so I can include them to this list. As always, thanks for reading and sending you big hugs!

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*Business information obtained from Orange Coast Magazine and Lip Bar

#blacklivesmatter #supportsmallbusinesses


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