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This year has been different but who says you still can't make the most of it?!
Whether you have a holiday tradition - or want to make a new one - this year has been the perfect time to do so. And one of the biggest trends I see? Wearing matching Christmas pajamas!

I mean, is there anything really cuter than matching family Christmas pajamas?!? I think not! They come in so many fun prints and, best of all, super comfortable to wear. No need for any stressors to pick out multiple outfits cause everyone gets to wear the SAME thing (haha)! Can I say, easiest family photo shoot everrrr? It was hard, though, to pick out a print we both actually liked. Eventually this one was the winner. I mean, it had a polar bear on it like it was a SIGN. Plus, I liked the gray neutral color.

BONUS :: Some of them are on sale right now so it's a good time to buy ahead for next year because they sell out FAST during the holidays! ;)

Christmas Day actually ended up being quite busy for us, unexpectantly! We dropped off some Xmas gifts we still had, went to visit my mother at the cemetary (her birthday also happens to be today), watched Christmas Lights in Yorba Linda, went to visit my dad, and then ended the night at home watching movies. 

Hopefully next year won't be as busy so we can stay home in our matching family pajamas all day to soak up spending Christmas at home!

How was your Christmas day? Did you wear matching pajamas/outfits?
Even though we were out and about for most of the day, it felt very productive that we got a lot done. Next year, we'll try to plan ahead on some things (aka finish dropping off all presents before Christmas day). Christmas may be over but it's still the holiday season to me and wishing you a cheerful one!

As always, thanks for reading and sending air hugs!

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