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I shared a post of another play kit we got and realized that there should also be a blog post for it too.
As a busy working mom, I like to enjoy my free time with my little piggie. Kyler's now a toddler (OMG!!!) at 13.5 months and I can tell he is absorbing SO MUCH info. I'm trying to keep up! So it's important for me to find toys that'll continue to challenge him as he grows.

I'm so glad there's brands like Lovevery that develops play kits designed by experts for your baby's different stages of development. This helps me take the guesswork out of thinking what to focus on next. 

The 13-15 Months Lovevery "Babbler" kit comes with:
*circle of friends puzzle
*bedtime book
*wooden coin bank + coins
*bunnies in a felt burrow
*slide & seek ball run (his fave from this set!)
*flexible wooden stacker (his 2nd fave toy)

Right when we opened the box, Kyler was already so curious to explore it immediately. This is our second Lovevery play kit and he enjoys them both! Definitely gives him lots of fun learning activities to do and I love seeing his mind figuring out how things work. He's like a sponge and catches on quickly!

What stage is your baby in? What are some toys you like to play together?

From this Lovevery play kit, Kyler's favorite toy has been the slide & seek ball run! OMG he just lovesss it and gets so proud of himself afterwards for doing it on his own. It's so darn cute to see cause even he knows that he's learning too. Proud mama and baby moments over here.

Go to to sign up for a play kit for your baby - or gift it to a friend!

As always, thanks for reading and sending virtual hugs!

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