Why I Love CoSleeping with the Baby


We didn't plan on cosleeping and I was against it but somehow it happened.
I remember coming home from the hospital on a Sunday evening. When we were getting ready for bed, I was thinking of putting Kyler in the bassinet bed next to me but the hubby asked if the baby could sleep on the bed with us tonight. I was like, uhhh no. And then he stated that he felt bad cause the poor little guy just got circumcised earlier that day and so I caved. We put Kyler on the portable bed in the middle of our king sized bed with us sleeping on each edge and, thus, the beginning of co-sleeping together happened. Cosleeping is when you sleep close to the baby and can also be bed-sharing.

Initially, I thought Kyler was just going to sleep on the bed for a week but it ended up feeling pretty nice. Each day felt like a slumber party and we loved seeing him before we went to bed. It also gave us comfort cause we could look over and see that he was breathing and doing okay.

Some parents like to co-sleep with their babies and some don't. It's a personal choice. Of course, if you decide to co-sleep, make sure the environment is safe for the baby. Since I was breastfeeding, co-sleeping worked out best for us cause I was able to just "roll over" and breastfeed him while I was sleeping which was just the best thing ever. For any questions on cosleeping, please consult with your doctor. We did what worked best for us and our situation and have cherished every moment of it. 

Do you co-sleep with the baby? Or does the baby sleep in its crib?

I'm so glad we ended up all co-sleeping on the bed together. It truly has become a family bonding experience. There's a closeness and comfort that has come out of it. And waking up to see Kyler makes it feel like Christmas morning every day. We love it! 
(side note: he does sleep in his crib occasionally now)

As always, thanks for reading and sending you virtual air hugs!

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