3 Years of Marriage, Forever to go


Although it may be our third year of marriage, we've been together far longer than that.
We've been dating since high school and this will be our 20th year together (oops! I thought last year was our 20th but it's this year). We've been together more than half our lives now. WOW. And growing up together, you sure do learn a lot about one another and go through many of life's challenges that can test many relationships. So why did we wait to tie the knot? Keep reading below and see some of our wedding photos that you might not have seen before!

Some people like to get proposed to after dating a couple years. That was not me. I mean, we started dating when we were 16? 17? So we would've been in our early 20's if we did that. And, at that time, I knew I wasn't ready. In my early 20's I was hanging out with my girlfriends and going clubbing 2-3 times a week (haha - I should change "clubbing" to "dance workouts" huh?). We, of course, had our date nights too but we were also very young and still enjoying life. This went on until our late 20's. Doing this allowed us some sort of independence and freedom but we were both fully committed and loyal to each other. I think that's what's most important here: to be loyal to your girlfriend/boyfriend when dating.

It wasn't until our early 30's when we felt like we were going towards the marriage path. We didn't party as much anymore. We spent more time at home. We valued each other's company. I still remember the moment of him proposing to me (here) and will always cherish that Chicago trip together. Waiting to get proposed - to get married - was a blessing for us. Instead of feeling so rushed, we felt more ready for it. Like we were on our path and making our own choices. It felt good.

Our wedding day happened a little over a year after we got engaged and, at that time, I felt like waiting over a year was sooooo long. Little did I know, it wasn't that long at all and very common. The reason we had to wait, though, was because a lot of wedding venues had Saturdays booked up so we had no choice but to book something even farther out since we really wanted our wedding on a Saturday. This actually gave us more time to plan, prepare, and save up funds for the wedding.

I actually wanted our wedding day to be on our dating anniversary day (June 9th) which could have occurred in 2018 since that day fell on a Saturday but, again, that meant we would've have to wait longer and I just wanted to marry him already. In hindsight, I should've booked our wedding day on the same day as our dating anniversary cause how cool is that?! BUT, now I get 2 days out of the year that is extra special with him and that means so much to both of us.

So, in the end, I've learned that everything tends to work out and you just got to trust the process. Create your own timeline. Do what feels good/right for the both of you. It's your chapter, your happily-ever-after.

As always, thanks for reading and sending you air hugs!


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