Living that Quarantine Life


It's been one year since the lockdown? I haven't even noticed.

Why? Cause I've been in quarantine-mode since Friday, December 6, 2019 (that's 465 days ago!!!). That was the day I went to work at the hospital in the morning after my water broke (I wasn't for sure it broke until a couple hours later - more on My Birth Story here). After that day, which I can still remember so clearly today, I went into motherhood lockdown. I just had a baby during flu season, during the holidays, during the winter months. I just didn't want to risk it.

Being a new first time mom, I was cautious - like extra cautious - and didn't want to see anyone during the flu season. I consulted with our pediatrician and she agreed. This was also at the time when COVID-19 was just starting to be talked about in the states. All I knew was that I wanted to protect and keep my baby safe so motherhood-quarantine is what I did. Plus I was recovering and didn't have much energy to see anyone either (new moms can relate, right?).

As the months went by, I was slowly mentally preparing myself to bring my babyroo "out into the real world" but I still couldn't do it. The last weekend before the lockdown, we went to a small wedding on a boat and a baby shower the next day. Due to both events having lots of people, I still did not feel comfortable to bring our little one with us (so he stayed at his grandparent's). And then the lockdown happened later that week and everyone was now staying home.

While the world was adjusting to this sudden change, I already spent 3 months assimilating to it so it was already familiar to me. My social calendar cleared and I got to enjoy more time being a new first time mom. Cherishing all the baby milestones along with way without feeling rushed to attend an event or social gathering. 2020 allowed me to slow down and not feel guilty for doing so. It really just felt like an expansion of maternity leave.

So while a year of lockdown has gone by for many, I'm going on day 465 now. My worries of him being a newborn has now turned into concerns of how a pandemic will affect his life and behaviors. 

Will this virus go away? Probably not. 

Will he be social? Hope so. 

Is he safe from the virus? Not sure. 

I'm slowly starting to see some light going back to some sense of "normalcy" as vaccines have been created and more people getting vaccinated (read why I got the COVID-19 vaccination here). Since I'm still slightly breastfeeding him 1-2 times a day, I'm hoping that the antibodies my body created from the vaccine are given to him through the breastmilk (there's not enough studies on this yet but I'm hopeful about it). Until then, I'm going to take it day by day and appreciate what I have right now.

How have you been doing during the pandemic lockdown?

It's honestly been an unprecedented time for everyone this year as there were so much uncertainty. I hope it's given you a chance to slow down and maybe re-evaluate things (even life - career, relationships, etc.) and see what it is that you what most of. We only have this life so let's enjoy it the way we want to.

As always, thanks for reading and sending you virtual air hugs!

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