Disneyland Park-Hopper Itinerary with a Toddler


Whoa - Disneyland is so different when you go with a toddler!
It used to be just us going to Disneyland. We would get in, get out so easily. Now, we have to prepare for the day and pack all this extra stuff for the kiddo (stroller, snacks, bottles, sunblock, extra clothes, etc.). It may seem like a lot BUT it is totally possible to do! As new parents to a toddler, we like to keep things easy breezy. We didn't do any roller coasters or "adult rides" and kept it all to family-friendly toddler-approved rides we could all go on them together. Below, I'm sharing our 1-Day Disneyland Park-Hopper itinerary with a toddler!

Start the day with a photo at the Disneyland entrance gate.
(If it's too crowded, come back to it later in the day like we did when there was no wait)

Go to Guest Services near the front for a "1st Visit!" pin.
(This is optional but we had to get one for Kyler's 1st visit)

Kick off the day with the It's a Small World ride.
(Since it was Kyler's 1st visit, we wanted to slowly introduce him to the rides and this is good one to start with. It's slow paced, there's singing, bright lights, lots of things for them to look around and observe.)

Snap a photo in front of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty's castle.
(I recommend doing this during the day time. We remembered to do it during sunset so it was already getting dark.)

Take a break (if needed) for a snack/meal.
(We dined at the Plaza for their famous fried chicken dinner meal - SO GOOD.)

Next ride up: Pirates of the Carribean.
(Okay, this was a little scarier for Kyler - I don't remember that drop before - so he wanted to be close and hold us the whole time since it was also very dark inside.)

Catch a parade on Main Street.
(It was a pleasant surprise to see there still had parade going on! They are not as extravagant as before but it was still nice.)

Depending on their schedule, it may be nap time now.
(Kyler got sleepy from the Pirates ride and knocked out which is the perfect time for us parents to take a break and relax too.)

Post nap = snack/meal time.
(We took a lunch break on Disneyland's California Adventure side after he woke up at the new Avenger's Campus which is SUPER COOL btw.)

While on the Disney California Adventure side, be sure to ride The Little Mermaid.
(Perfect, calm ride to go on especially after eating.)

Hop back to Disney for a ride along the Disneyland railroad.
(We rode the loop all the way around - a great way to "see" the whole park.)

Enjoy a treat and show at The Tiki Tiki Room.
(A must-get when at Disneyland, ride?!)

End the day with the Dumbo ride.
(I gotta admit, I was a little scared of this one since I get motion sickness but it was totally okay! If anything, I would've switched and done this ride during the day time.)

We went to Disneyland a couple weeks ago after they lifted the mask mandate and social distancing guidelines/rules. Since we're all vaccinated (I was still breastfeeding Kyler when I got my vaccine back in January/February), we didn't wear any masks. There is also mobile food ordering available on the Disney app but we didn't use it since there wasn't really much wait time when we went to get food. Another thing I noticed? I've never seen so many characters before at Disney ever - you will see them everywhere which is also pretty cool (sadly no, can't take pictures next to them but you can via "social distance.")

Are you planning a family trip to Disneyland soon?

If so, I'm so excited for you! You're going to have a blast. Just to be out there and walk around in the Disney atmosphere already feels so nice. Hope you have lots of fun!!

As always, thanks for reading and sending you virtual air hugs!

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