10 Travel Tips when Flying with a Toddler


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Happy September friends! Last month was super busy for us over here. How about you?
August was such an eventful month! From going to 2 theme parks, planning a bridal shower and bachelorette, traveling to Hawaii and Vegas, and working on business projects as well. I cannot feel more grateful for all the opportunities we had and ready to take it slower this month. 

So far, no more trips planned for us this month BUT if you're flying somewhere soon with a toddler, I'm sharing these ten travel tips when flying with a toddler. We've gone on 2 plane trips (back and forth, so 4 times now) with our little toddler and have learned some handy tips that makes traveling SO much easier.

TODDLER TRAVEL TIP #1 :: Pack all bottles and formulas in clear gallon zip lock bags.
We packed 2oz and 8oz ready-to-use formula bottles (yes, Kyler still likes to drink these) in a couple clear gallon zip lock bags. *Do not* open or take off the wrapper around the bottles. TSA will test these liquid bottles during the security checkpoint.

TODDLER TRAVEL TIP #2 :: Pack all bottle nipples in a clear zip lock bag.
I packed 2-3 of these (depending how long our trip is) in the snack-size zip lock bags and then put them inside the clear gallon bags with the formulas so they were all together. The TSA rep actually complimented us on doing this since it helps to keep the nipples sanitary (plus your baby's mouth goes there so I'm slightly OCD about that).

TODDLER TRAVEL TIP #3 :: Keep all toddler stuff together.
What does that mean? I have a small clear backpack (perfect cause it's see-through so it's easy to go through any TSA/security check points at airports, theme parks, etc.) that I put all his snacks, disposable table cover, wipes, juice boxes, and water bottle in. All his stuff is set aside here so we're always "ready-to-go" quickly.

TODDLER TRAVEL TIP #4 :: Create a separate diaper bag.
We always use a separate, bigger backpack to put all his diaper essentials in: diapers, disposable mat, wipes, and an extra set of clothes and socks (just in case). That way, you can grab and go to any diaper changing station and have all the basics you need. If you have limited packing space then you can always buy diapers at wherever your destination is (we almost did this in Hawaii but, luckily, we packed *just* enough haha).

TODDLER TRAVEL TIP #5 :: Download several of their favorite shows.
Bringing an iPad? Download several episodes of a couple different shows they like to watch (Kyler likes The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Blue's Clues, and Bubble Guppies). By downloading it on the iPad, you can still use your own phone. ;) We didn't do this for Vegas so we knew better to have it ready for Hawaii (haha).

TODDLER TRAVEL TIP #6 :: Pack baby headphones.
Other passengers don't want to hear the baby shows and the airlines will say to use headphones as well. 

TODDLER TRAVEL TIP #7 :: Pack special toys.
I packed a special new toy that he hasn't gotten to play with yet, just for the plane ride. When he would get fussy, we brought the toy out and that kept him occupied for another 30 minutes. Worked like a charm!

TODDLER TRAVEL TIP #8 :: Bring a baby travel pillow.
Anything small and portable works!

TODDLER TRAVEL TIP #9 :: Bring a travel blanket.
Depending how long your flight is, pack a light blanket. We did this for Hawaii (5.5 hours flight) but not for Vegas (30-45 minutes flight). It gets cold on the plane so having something to use as a blanket is nice, especially when it's lightweight and doesn't take up much space.

TODDLER TRAVEL TIP #10 :: Wear a baby carrier (if they still meet the requirements).
Kyler is still under 30lbs. so it was super handy to have him in the baby carrier so we each had 2 hands free to go through the airport faster. Super useful to have this!

BONUS TODDLER TRAVEL TIP :: Set aside your formula/bottles and snacks.
Have these near you/under your seat (not inside the overhead cabinets) so you can quickly grab them when needed. Remember to give them a bottle when taking off/landing cause their ears may pop and them drinking will help distract them from that. Try to plan it accordingly and avoid giving it too early before the flight cause then they won't take it during take off/landing. I also like to pack a snack bag of goodies he likes to eat along with new treats to make the plane ride fun - and I'll put our adult snacks in there too so we all get enjoy a treat at the same time together.

Even though I've only gone on a couple flights with a toddler, I feel like I'm so ready and planned for them! You've just got to keep their stuff separate and accessible. When going through TSA, put the zip lock bags with their formulas and any other liquids in a separate bin and let them know "it's for the baby." They will still scan/swab them and then return them to you afterwards. We flew on Southwest Airlines for all our flights so we didn't have to worry about boarding early since they actually have "family boarding" after the "A group" boards (but before the "B group" boards) so keep an ear out for that.

Are you excited to fly with your little one?

Don't worry, you've got this. Hope these travel tips when flying with your baby were helpful. Have fun and safe travels!

As always, thanks for reading and sending you air hugs!



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