Have You Gotten The COVID-19 Booster Shot?


As the world is all adjusting to some new type of normal, I feel like we are all trying to get “comfortable” again.

Comfortable dining out, comfortable gathering with family & friends, just trying to get comfortable to do the things we used to do again. Like the familiar became unfamiliar and now we’re adjusting to make it feel somewhat familiar again. You know what I mean?

I don’t think I ever shared this but I got my COVID-19 vaccine booster shot last month. Working in the healthcare field IS scary - I’m not going to lie. Last year, every day was a mixture of emotions especially when the hospital started getting filled with COVID-positive patients. It was truly an unprecedented time that made everyone feel anxious, nervous, scared, worried, frustrated…all of the above! Initially when the COVID-19 vaccines were offered, I was hesitant. But, after doing my own research, asking fellow peers and doctors questions on it, I became more comfortable with my decision to get vaccinated. So when they offered a booster shot, I jumped right on it. Partnering with Providence Health System to share my reasons WHY below.

WHY? Well, working in the healthcare field means that you have a high chance of being exposed to COVID-19 patients (unfortunately, we didn’t get to work-from-home) so that’s already a high risk there. Also, a booster shot helps to give your body a boost to create more antibodies again the virus. Especially when the virus changing and mutating, we really don’t know how it’ll affect us. Everybody’s reaction is different and you just don’t know until it happens. The vaccines are there to help your body build antibodies against the virus - it doesn’t mean that you won’t ever get it. If you are exposed to the virus or come in close contact with it then you may have that chance of getting it. The point of the vaccine is to help your body be strong enough to fight against the virus. If so, that’ll mean less hospital visits and less patients in ICU. So many hospitals last year ran out of hospital beds (including ours) due to so many patients being positive from COVID-19 and experiencing serious health symptoms. Working in the hospital firsthand, I got to see this for myself - not from getting information from a third party, etc. I didn’t want that to happen to me so I chose the option to get vaccinated. And, in doing so, it makes me feel better when dining out, hanging out with friends/family, and just doing things in society in general. Especially knowing the holidays were coming which means possible holiday events mixed in with the flu season.

Are you vaccinated? Have you gotten the booster shot?

I totally get being on the fence about it - I was there initially too. Each person has their own reasons for doing things. I just recommend that you do your own research and speak with professionals in the healthcare field if you have any questions. Oh - in case you’re wondering - I didn’t really have any major symptoms from the booster shot, just slight arm soreness and fatigue the next day and it went away day after. And I did have the Pfizer vaccines initially so I got the Pfizer booster shot too. Hope that helps to answer any questions!

As always, thanks for reading and sending you air hugs!

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