Spreading Hope This Time of Year


*This post is sponsored by City of Hope OC; however, opinions are of my own.

Let's face it: we could all use a little hope.
Hope for the future.

Hope for answers.

Hope for strength.

As beautiful as the holidays can get, sometimes there are struggles we may not know others are going through.

When I was 3, my mother was going through the toughest time of her life - physically, mentally, and emotionally. She had a mastectomy and a surgery to give birth 2 months pre-maturely. Her breast cancer had spread and her body was going through so much. I think about my mother a lot this time of year and can't imagine how my dad was feeling. These were all tough decisions he had to make, especially during the holidays. Not only that, my mother's birthday is next to Christmas too.

Back then, they didn't have much scientific knowledge or technology as they do now. Did you know City of Hope OC specializes in cancer care and have specialists working hard every day towards cancer treatment? Not many people know about their available services so I’ve partnered with City of Hope OC to share more about their program and how they have been helping our community.

The truth is, it IS hard to celebrate the holidays while a loved one is going through cancer (or even been through cancer) but there IS help out there. And most importantly, there's hope. With the right team and support, there is treatment out there and #CityofHopeOC focuses on patient-centered cancer care. Read more below for some patient testimonies of how City of Hope OC has provided support for the community.

As we celebrate the holidays with loved ones going through cancer, let's continue to spread a little hope their way and share that there are people out there who care and want to help them. Finding the right support team can make a big difference and City of Hope OC offers many resources available at cityofhope.org/OC.

How are you sharing hope this season?

I believe everybody has a story and the more we share our stories, the more we can do research to find answers for a better future. Will be thinking of those going through cancer during the holidays right now and praying for strength to you and your families. Thank you for hearing my story.

As always, sending you air hugs.

{some photos and patient testimonies provided by City of Hope OC}

#CityofHopeOCPartner #letsspreadhope #cityofhopeOC

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