Safe Holiday Wishes


*This post is sponsored by Providence Health System; however, the opinions are of my own.

Who’s schedule is extra busy this time of year?
With the holidays, it seems like there are soooo many gatherings we’re trying to make time for:
Time for…friends.
Time for…family.
Time for…catching up with those we haven’t seen in so long.

As great as that all sounds to do, the reality is that there is still a virus spreading and affecting people. I know, this is not a pleasant topic to talk about but it IS important to acknowledge. The pandemic started last year and whole world shut down and we went into quarantine - can you believe that actually happened?!? I still get surprised that we experienced that. But it’s not over. The COVID-19 virus is still out there, with mutated versions now. And we still don’t know how each person will react if/when they are
exposed to the virus. That still remains unknown which is what makes it dangerous and scary.

So with everything going on, it’s also important to be safe and healthy. That’s why I chose to get tested for the holidays. It’s simple to do and feels reassuring afterwards. Doing this lets me have peace of mind when visiting friends and family during this season, especially when seeing elders.

{image provided from Providence St. Joseph}
If you’re looking for a place to get COVID tested for the holidays, I’m partnering with Providence Health System to share about their ExpressCare services. They are available for basic care needs, including COVID-19 testing, and have many clinics located in Orange County. Bonus? They also provide virtual Telehealth services too! How convenient is that?!

{image provided from Providence St. Joseph}
For more info, go to to schedule an appointment.

Have you scheduled a COVID testing for the holidays?

It doesn’t take long and the more we all do our part then the more we can overcome this together. Please stay safe and healthy friends!

As always, thanks for reading and sending you air hugs!

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