Wellness Check-In


{This post is sponsored by Providence Health System which helps to support this blog; the opinions are of my own. Thank you.}

The saying goes, take care of yourself first to be able to take care of others.

As a mom, I can't stress this enough!


It's so easy to give, give, give.

Give to our little ones.

Give to our spouse/partner.

Give to family and friends.


But if we constantly do things for others without replenishing ourself, we will run out of giving. And sometimes we might push it and it can take a toll on our bodies.

Teaming up with Providence Health System to do a wellness check-in reminder to take time out for yourself. Even 5-10mins a day of self-care can make a positive impact on your mind and body! #ProvidencePartner


What have you done for yourself today?


I like to start each morning with a cup of matcha - this is my me time. 🍵 You can go to Work 2 Be Well for more mental health resources.

As always, thanks for reading and sending virtual hugs!

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