If You Look Closely, You Can See It


[dress: h&m, heels: gifted from bakers]

Wore this gorgeous H&M dress to a friend's wedding (congrats to the happy couple!). This was actually one of my NYC trip purchases and, luckily, I found it just in time (literally, week of!). The shoulder details on this flowing chiffon gown made me fall in love with it the moment I tried it on. *sigh*

I actually had my hair curled to the side (maybe you can see it in the group photo) but as the night progressed, it slowly came undone. Unfortunately, I have a lot of thick hair so it's hard to stay up without a million bobby pins. Anybody have any hair tricks?

Sadly, during my SD trip, I accidentally broke a camera so I had to borrow another camera for this night. The photo quality isn't that great (boo) but it's all I had to work with. And the group picture above is actually me taking a picture of a picture. They only took one of those so I decided to make my own copy. ;)

Sending love,


  1. Ooooooooooh my goodness you look so glamorous in the H&M frock. Natalie Portman wore an H&M to a premier! You can definitely dress up these lovely dresses.

  2. You look gorgeous in that dress!

  3. Hello darling,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely words!


  4. kimberly you look gorgeous! i have a wedding a week on saturday and still haven't found my dress yet either :-/


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