Oscar de la Renta Fall 2011 RTW - BACKSTAGE


Beverly Wilshire hotel (where they taped "Pretty Woman")

kraft services

makeup and hair by CBT

some of the pretty clothes

first looks


mallory * natasha

last minute touchups

lineup before walking on stage

preparing for the finale

[top: closet find, suspender skirt: fashion store, heels: gifted from bakers]

Behind the scenes at the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2011 fashion show with the amazing CBT! I don't remember how long the fashion show was but I do remember how fast it flew by. Backstage, there was a lot going on during the fashion show with models, MUAs, dressers, etc. everywhere. Even though it can get crazy busy, I really enjoyed the moment and soaked it all up. In the end, we were very happy for a job well done.

What was even more incredible? Mr. Oscar de la Renta himself was there. I also passed by Kathy Hilton (yes, Paris Hilton's mom) as we went to the restroom. Small world.

Many thanks to Couture Beauty Team for their talented hair and makeup work, the beautiful models who were so nice (one of them liked my heels haha), and all the staff who helped out!

Sending love,

FYI: There were just so many pictures I wanted to show you that I had to combine some of them so you wouldn't have to scroll down so much. To see it bigger, click on the photo. :)


  1. Oh my goodness so jealous! that is so cool the oscar hahahaha so neat.

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