Food for Monday SPECIAL: How To Make Bananas Foster


Okay I am a couple days late for my usual Food for Fridays post, so I decided to do something special this time: a "How To Make" post for bananas foster!

The other day I was craving this dessert and the good ole' boyfriend of mine said he could quickly make it in a couple minutes. "Seriously?" I doubted...and so he did. I am not a chef so whenever he whips something up in such a short amount of time, it always fascinates me. Lucky for me I have my own personal chef...and lucky for him, I can be his food-tester. It's a hard job but someone has to do it right? ;)

HOW TO MAKE bananas foster:
You'll need bananas, rum, and your choice of ice cream (we got all of these ingredients from Staters)

Step 1: Cut bananas into quarters (in half and then half of that)

Step 2: Melt some butter with brown sugar and a dash of salt

Step 3: Add bananas to the mixture (this can be done after the rum is added if you like the bananas more raw)

Step 4: Pour in a shot of rum or more if you prefer (just be careful because the flame comes fast so stand back)

Step 5: Scoop out good spoonfuls of ice cream (I like a lot) into a bowl, add the bananas and drizzle sauce over it

Voila and there you have it! Pretty simple huh? I liked it so much we actually had it twice within three days! Also, you have to eat it right away because the ice cream melts FAST!

This is a great dessert to make to surprise your special someone or to treat yourself out. Have fun cooking and bon appetit!~!

Sending love,


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