Food for Fridays: Slaters 50/50


Went here for a bday with friends, and by friends, I mean boys. Loud boys so this burger place seemed perfect to blend in all the crazy laughter cause we can get a little noisy sometimes. And, it was a birthday so we had to celebrate!

FYI at Slaters 50/50, you can "custom design" your own burger or try one of their signature burgers! There's a lot of variety to choose from.

1. Vampire dip - SO GOOD does not even begin to describe it! Seriously! I would file this dish under "The best appetizer I ever ate" category. You can't go wrong combining garlic, cheese, and artichoke. What's not to like right?
2. Appetizer sampler - well, if you tried the vampire dip first like I did, then you may be slightly disappointed by the sampler like me. Plus, it was a lot of fried food and I don't really like to eat that much.
3. Maple bacon milkshake - ever curious to try it? Well, the bf ordered it so I took a sip and didn't like it. Bacon in a milkshake tastes weird, if not confusing to your palette and mind.
4. The 50/50 burger - this is their most popular patty: half meat, half bacon. Yup, more bacon so I obviously did not like this one but some of my friends did. And warning, these burgers are pretty big so sharing is highly recommended!
5. The flamin' hot burger - this one had a spicy kick to it, which was interesting. I liked it better than the 50/50 burger but after some time I couldn't eat it anymore. Too spicy!

The closest Slaters 50/50 to me used to be the one in Anaheim near the Angels Stadium. Now they just opened one up (literally) down the street from me! How convenient is that? Super convenient I tell ya! Anyone want to join me for some vampire dip?

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: To find your nearest location, click here.

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