Happy Birthday Love!


[tank: f21, cardy: foreign exchange, skirt: volcom, heels: bakers]

Over the weekend I planned a birthday party for the bf. The past two years I had surprise birthday parties for him so this year, obviously, wasn't going to be one.

Thank goodness for little sisters because they helped me set up and get some of the stuff ready. It was a really busy, nonstop day for me. In the morning I had training with the American Red Cross from 8am until 5pm and then I had to go pick up the cake across town, finish decorating the house, and set up food/drinks/entertainment before our guests arrived. What a day right?

Being a hostess is a lot of work (I don't even remember if I ate) but I love decorating and planning events so it's always a blast for me. As long everyone had fun - especially the birthday boy - then I'm happy.

Party pics:
We had gourmet food galore...and I made the jungle juice ;)

Of course, I got one of his favorite cakes from here

And topped it off with the crazy flaming candles

Happy birthday to my dearest babu! Wishing you an awesome year full of wonderful memories! <3

Sending love,

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