Food for Fridays: Houston's, Newport Beach


For Valentine's Day, the bf took me out to Houston's in Newport Beach.
It was quite romantic and to celebrate, we had to have a glass of wine. I had the Whitehall Lane Merlot and he told our waitress to surprise with a red blended wine - both were good and light which complimented our meaty meal.

Caesar salad $5 (when added to your entree dish) - I liked this! It had an "eggless" dressing so it wasn't thick and creamy and tasted more like a vinaigrette.

Roasted Prime Rib $32 - tender and juicy...we order "medium" and got "medium well" but it was still good.

Rotisserie chicken $20 - loved the apricot glaze and the couscous that went along with it!
Pear tart a la mode $8 - there wasn't enough ice cream so we ordered more which surprisingly was an additional $5! We didn't like this dessert as much because it was a little too sweet for us. Maybe we're old or something cause we like desserts but we don't like them so sweet.

Overall, it was a lovely Valentine's dinner and a great romantic place to go on a date. The food came out really really fast-like within 15-20 minutes! That was quite impressive AND they also carry dessert wines here which not a lot of restaurants have that. I was tempted to order a glass but, sadly, I was too full. I'll just have to try it the next time I'm back...maybe for happy hour.

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: To find your nearest Houston's location, click here.

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