A Pool Party Like No Other


You can search high and low but you won't be able to find anything close. The music, the ambience, the people...there is just no other place like a Vegas pool party. Lucky for us it just so happened to reopen this weekend. We took it as a sign to go. Obviously.
As you can see, after finishing our yardsticks and jello shots (oh yes, we went back to visit Chris at Fat Tuesday), we were pretty "happy" when we got to Wet Republic at the MGM Grand.
Omg we had SO MUCH FUN at the pool party - okay, maybe a little too much fun - but that was the highlight of our trip!
If you ever go to Vegas, you NEED to stop by their pool parties (we totally think it's better than clubbing but that could be because we're old and kind of getting over that). Shockingly, it was my dear Jud's first time at a Vegas pool party (we couldn't believe she's never gone to one before) that she was definitely hooked. So hooked I think we may have to have another trip back to Vegas just for the pools!

Sending love,



P.S. The yardstick drinks we got was called "Pain in the Ass" which is hurricane mixed with pina colada. Try it! It was good we each ordered it!


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