Tinted Red


Outfit Details: dress designed by my little sister Sus, Anne Michelle heels

Friday night we out to Surrender inside the Encore Hotel. It was funny that most of us were wearing black (can't ever go wrong with black!). I wore my little sister's dress that she designed a year or two ago. It has a loose, comfortable feel to it and was easy to move around in. Since it was an all black dress I thought I'd wear my space cadet heels to add a little "fun" to the outfit.

Somehow most of my pictures from this night came out with that red tint. Maybe it was lighting there but I ended up liking the red glow. My favorite part of the night? Lounging around on the cabana beds in front of the pool. Ahhh it was so relaxing I could fall asleep - wait, actually I did (signs of old age lol). Totally worth my 2 minute nap!

Sending love,



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