Preppy + Rugged Boots


Outfit Details: BCF blue cutout sweater (gifted from the bf), creme sheer blouse, F21 black leggings/accessories, Wanted black boots

The inner tomboy in me wanted to step away from the usual "girly" looks I wear and try something different...something a bit more preppy. What other day would be more perfect than on this slightly chilly day to sport a casual, laid-back look? I wore my sheer creme blouse underneath a cutout sweater with my go-to black leggings. Currently, I'm slightly addicted to these black rugged boots and wearing them whenever I get the chance! According to my chiro, I need to "wear less heels and more flats" so doctor's order right? I guess that gives me another reason to shop...I can't argue with that!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! :)

Sending love,

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