Awarded First Place at 2012 Fashion Symposium


Guess what?!? The other day I received a mysterious surprise phone call from the LA Fashion Symposium (a statewide competition for all community college fashion students). It really caught me off guard because the Fashion Symposium took place back in April so why would they be calling me? Turns out I won FIRST PLACE for my Merchandising project I submitted. How cool is that?!?! I was uber estatic and couldn't believe what I was hearing. After all, it's been months since the Fashion Symposium so I wasn't expecting anything (last year I went but this year I couldn't make it; otherwise I would've known at the show). Another bonus: $250 check to be received in the mail. :O Sweet!

Must be a sign that fashion IS a part of me so keep a lookout for upcoming stuff! ;)

Sending love,

P.S. My project that won was an intense 25+ page report I did for Victoria's Secret with drawings, diagrams, charts, etc. so it's probably a little too long to share with you here. Trust me though, a lot of labor went into it!

***06/18/2012: Okay I think I was too excited when I heard the news that I didn't hear it correctly. But the category I won first place was for Quality Comparison not Merchandising. Thanks Jud for letting me borrow your clothes for this project! ;)


  1. wow congrats for winning!
    You must've been stoked. :D


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