Photo Diary: Hawaii 2012 [Day 4]


Outfit Details:
sheer tunic - Volcom (gifted from the bf)
studded shorts - Obey (gifted from boss)
sunglasses - H&M (from their HM for Water collection)

Oh yes, believe it or not, we actually woke up at 4am for our sunrise hike. We were determined to make it so around 5am we left the Volcom house and headed towards the south shore of Hawaii. Since we were leaving from the north shore, it took us about 45 minutes to get to Pillbox hike. Now I don't normally hike (I would like to but there's not many places here in OC) so I was slightly intimidated at first. However, I like to take on challenges so I pushed away my scared feelings and focused on making it to the top. When we finally got there, the panoramic view of the city was just beautiful. It was a different side of Hawaii to see and we totally forgot how little sleep we had and just relished in the beauty surrounding us.

I don't know if hiking counts as a normal "tourist" attraction but if you're in Hawaii it's definitely something I recommend adding to your "To Do" list. And remember to bring a cold water bottle! Happy hiking!

Sending love,

P.S. The pictures of hands are not gang says "LOVE" and "KJKS" (our initials: Katherine, Judith, Kimberly, Susan) - can you see it?? ;)


  1. wow great photos, u look pretty, do u like follow each other?

  2. hahaha gang signs! I wasn't sure what you were doing...but yeah I can see the letters now hahaha. 4am is ridiculously early! however it seemed like it was worth it. the views look amazing! :)


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