Food for Fridays: Mochilato, Irvine


That's right: it's a Food for Fridays post! I know it's been awhile [sorry] and it may have seemed like I had forgotten about these but nope, I didn't. Just been super busy with so many celebrations, vacations, and what-nots so I got a little sidetracked...but now I'm back with lots of good food to share! Ready? This week's Food for Fridays post is courtesy of my dearest Jud. She was craving this place and insisted we go (after the baby shower) and so we did.

Off the 5 freeway in Irvine is a little dessert place called Mochilato. I've actually heard about this place for maybe a year now but never went.

So what is a mochilato you may ask? It's a mochi ball (like a mochi ice cream - have you had those yummy balls?) but instead of ice cream, they put gelato inside. And voila! You get a mochilato! Mochi + getalo = mochilato. Creative huh? We tried half a dozen and they were all good. I think our fav was coconut? The only bad thing: you have to eat it really fast so we got a minor brain freeze haha

This cute place also sells macaroons. Mmm those are such a hit right now. I see macaroons e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e-e-e-e!!

Look at how happy Jud is! She was so excited to share this place with me and you know I can't say no to sweets...

Such a beauty isn't it? We shared this large shaved ice filled with all sorts of goodies! It was pretty good and I liked the variety of toppings. However, towards the end we got too full so we couldn't finish. Bummer. Sweet tooth was definitely satisfied though.

Another plus about this place? It's open pretty late AND they serve food! I think until 10pm (or maybe even later) which is good for me because I get those late night cravings (I could never do a diet - I like food too much). So next time you're in Irvine, stop by Mochilato! It's a great place to share with friends. There's cute decor (almost French-like) and indoor seating (kind of like long benches so you may have to share a table). With the endless dessert options, I'm sure you'll find one that'll meet your sweet tooth standards.

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

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P.S. I still have to take the bf here! He's a big sweet tooth lover too ;)

P.P.S. Like my outfit? More pics here.

P.P.P.S. Tomorrow's the BIG DAY for my fashion show! Eeekkksssss!! More info here.

CHECK IT OUT: Mochilato, 14310 Culver Drive, Irvine, CA. Tel: (949) 559-1116.


  1. I really loved these posts and I am glad to see they are back! I love desserts and hope to eat a ton of them soon but I doubt anything will be as good as those gelato mochis!


  2. all great pictures, and that looks absolutely delicious! i still have never had a macaron before, so these pictures are making me want to try one!!
    xo TJ

  3. seems like u had lotas fun with ur girls<3 and I do love maccarons too :D

  4. LOL omg the concept of mochilatos is completely new to me, but now I'm wondering why I haven't stumbled upon them before! I absolutely love mochi and gelato and the mix of the two sounds heavenly. Love those shaved ice dishes too! totally wish we had a place like this over here :D

  5. Looks like such fun and lovely pics too :)

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