Coral + Stripes


 Outfit Details: striped top, Foreign Exchange skirt, F21 bag/accessories, Charles David gold heels, Electric sunglasses
It's technically still summer right? Well at least it is for today. 

These pictures were taken a while back probably at the end of spring early summer but I guess they never went up on the blog so here you go!

I really really like this striped top with the sheer button back. It's one of my fav simple statement tops that I tend to wear very often, especially with colored bottoms (like this FE coral knit skirt) to give it that little exta "pop." Threw on my Charles David gold pumps (yes, I wore these gold pumps during the DAY for work) and voila! Ready and out the door in a no-fuss comfortable outfit! Don't you just love those days when everything you grab just perfectly fits your mood for that day? I sure do and this was definitely one of those days!

Happy Friday Everyone! Ready for the weekend? I am!

Sending love,

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  1. I love the sheer button back too! sheerness is so great for any top worn in the summertime but often it can look pretty skanky. when it's only sheer on the back it's perfect as it's still cool enough to wear! :) hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. Am loving this outfit! You look very chic, and the lighting complements your outfit well x

  3. Nice back!

  4. Yes, I love when that happens! I feel like all my favorite outfits happen when I just throw things on randomly without planning it beforehand.. love your gold pumps!


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