Our Own Fashion's Night Out


Outfit Details: Each dress was self-designed :)

Thursday, September 6th.

I wish I had 2 of me that day; it was SO busy. First off, I had class at 8am followed by my graduate internship from 9am-4pm then I had to head straight to LA for the MTV VMAs! Omg talked about being fully booked for an entire day huh? I don't think I ever stopped moving/thinking/doing. No, I'm sure I didn't stop. Thank goodness everything worked out and I was able to do it all. Well, almost everything...sadly, I didn't get to participate in Fashion's Night Out. Trust me I was bummed cause I had been waiting for months upon months for FNO to arrive. Who was the genius to think of putting these two big events on the same day? No bueno. Anyways, I still had an awesome time at the VMAs and enjoyed what will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime experience (and you know you can't let those opportunities pass you by). We didn't make it to FNOs but we sure did get to have our own Fashion's Night Out!

VMAs After Party @ 7PM
WP 24 @ 8:30PM

A live show with celebrity performances plus unlimited food & drinks while wearing our very own dress designs? Sounds like a great way to celebrate FNO to me! ;)

Sending love,

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  1. OMG VMAS DRAKE, WEEZY, NICKI MINAJ, RiRi!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i was there :)


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