[Photo Diary] New York 2013: Taxi Cab Confessions


Outfit Details:
Gypsy Junkies sequined bustier
Forever 21 skirt/bow ring
gifted blazer
Papers & Peonies necklace/hand accessory
Jewelmint ring
spiked boots

Another thing about New York? There are taxi cabs everywhere. During the day time, I usually enjoy walking (it's a nice "scenic" route and, hey, you're getting free exercise) but at night, you definitely should take a taxi if going to the other side of town (trust me, I've learned my lesson and ladies you do not want to be walking in heels late at night). Plus, it's kind of fun to do the whistle-and-call-for-a-taxi hand gesture and then it works.

So on a Saturday night, we all got dressed up to go out. Lucky for me, I was smart enough to pack my Gypsy Junkies top to NYC (phew!). Since it had sequins and was extra sparkly, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit simple with a solid blue F21 skirt and yellow blazer. Piled on a couple of my favorite gold accessories and done - out the door in a matter of minutes!

A taxi cab confession? This was a REALLY fun night - probably one of the best nightlife I've experienced in New York thus far (and I've gone about 5 times now)...and let's just leave it at that. ;)

Happy first week of spring ~ hope you are all enjoying these beautiful sunny days!

Until next time,

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  1. Great outfit, I love it! <3


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