[Photo Diary] New York 2013: Times Square



Outfit Details:
Forever21 tank/skirt/boots/bracelet
Target faux fur coat
Nasty Gal necklace
gifted Marc Jacobs bag from the bf
Bucco sneaker wedges

Whenever you're in New York, you have to (I repeat have to) check out Times Square! It just doesn't feel like you've gone to New York until you do, you know? One of my favorite spots to go are these red steps where you get to stand in the middle of it all. Just stand there and absorb all the chaos going around you: bright lights flashing, lots of people speed walking, and tourists picture taking. It's SO a New York moment and I love it!

For our second night out on the town in NYC, it was getting late so I quickly threw on this Forever21 outfit. And with the crazy New York winter weather (fyi this was in January), wearing tights are a must. My new Target faux fur coat was my winter obsession and it kept me nice and warm throughout the night. Wore my Bucco sneaker wedges to walk around the city and later threw on my F21 pink/gold booties (aren't they so cute?!) when we out to a local bar. Oh, and that rose? It was a surprise from the bf. He can be so silly sometimes. ;)

Until next time,

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  1. Great pictures! Would love to visit New york one day!

    Sita xx


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