Outfit :: Short Suit for Hotter Days


Whenever it’s hot outside, I tend to gravitate more towards shorter clothing in lighter fabric materials. You just want to wear almost nothing, you know? This particular day was a prime example of that. Hence my create-one-yourself short suit look.

{What I Wore} gifted Forever21 crop top from my gf :: H&M blazer :: shorts/sunnies c/o Charlotte Russe :: black cutout wedges :: accessories from personal collecion

You don’t need to have matching jackets and bottoms anymore. News flash guys: you can create the “suit look” yourself by incorporating pieces you already have within your closet. I really love these Charlotte Russe black shorts (they’re slightly stretchy & molds to your body shape - can we say love?!). As with every outfit, I dress according to my mood and this day I felt like wearing my Forever 21 tribal crop top one of my gfs gave me for my bday (thanks Xtina!). To add some color to an almost all-black-and-white ensemble, I threw on my H&M blue blazer (from my latest NYC trip earlier this year) that finished off my outfit with a tailored look. Plus the black cutout wedges kept it young and fresh (and comfy to walk in, I must say). Ready to try it yourself?

{FASHION TIP: Create your own short suit by picking items within the same color scheme to tie them all together.}

Hope you all had a great weekend. I just got back from Big Bear yesterday and have lots of things to do now. On the bright side, at least I finished my homework for the day. Oh the joys of being a grad student. Can't wait til I'm done next summer!

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  1. nice girl.i love your style

  2. I loved the print with the cobalt blue blazer!!


  3. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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