LIFE / FITNESS :: 3 Yoga Warrior Poses x Macy's for Breast Cancer Awareness


It's time for another fitness session and now I'm sharing 3 yoga warrior moves to add to your next workout...

Warrior I - Virabhadrasana I

 Warrior II - Virabhadrasana II

 Warrior III - Virabhadrasana III

Yoga is a great way to stretch out your muscles and relax your mind. It's no wonder that it's gotten so popular over the past few years. When I received this workout gear from Macy's (thanks Ari!), the "warrior" tank - for the brave fighters against breast cancer - inspired me to create this post. Truth be told, it's actually been awhile since I've last done yoga but I remember these were probably some of my favorite moves in class. It really gives the whole body a good stretch while challenging it at the same time. Life gets busy but, luckily, you can do these yoga moves practically anywhere, even at the beach! So go ahead and be a warrior with me. Try these yoga warrior poses in the morning to kick start your day and at night to help unwind. No gym required. 

Did you know: for the month of October, Macy's has teamed up with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in preventing and finding a cure against breast cancer. Macy's will be donating 5% of sales from their Ideology line (HERE) to BCRF. Workout in style and for a great cause.

(FITNESS TIP: Hold each yoga warrior pose for 15-30 seconds each for 2-3 sets.}

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{WEARING} Ideolody workout tank/sports bra/pant c/o Macy's (HERE)

Joico's "Power Up for Hope" breast cancer awareness 2 piece set (HERE). (ends 10/14/2014)
Fall with Trixxi Campaign to win a sweater dress of your choice (HERE). (ends 10/15/2014)


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