Coachella 2015 Weekend 1 Recap


Remember last year's Coachella parties from 2014 (HERE)? It was such a whirlwind of adventures last time and this year was a little more relaxing...

PARTY #1 :: Valley High x #HoneyNFriends. To kick off the Coachella festivities,  blogger Stephanie of HoneyNSilk and clothing brand Valley High (created by blogger Chanelle of The Penelope Times) teamed up to host a pregame affair at a private pool house in Palm Springs. There were temporary tattoos, healthy treats, and flavored drinks. Let's not forget the awesome gift bag filled with festival survival goodies including jewelry, a Valley High flask, and Valley High tank. Can't wait to try them all out! #ValleyHighLife

PARTY #2 :: Refinery29 x A*OK Collective at the Saguaro Hotel. What is Palm Springs without a massive pool party right? Now what about one DJ-ed by Alexa Chung?! She was playing songs from the 90's which I absolutely LOVED. This was shot from our balcony patio and we got to enjoy the beats from the comfort of our room. It sure doesn't get better than that! #R29xAOK

PARTY #3 :: Billboard Brunch at the Renaissance Indian Wells Hotel. Finally got something yummy to eat at the Billboard brunch. There was a buffet of various food options from chicken & waffles to fish tacos to an assortment of sausages. Of course, no brunch is complete without some mimosas! YUMS. #RenIW

Taking the scenic route throughout town.

Matching blue hues with An.

Poolside relaxation at the Renaissance Indian Wells.

With Stephanie, Chanelle, and Amanda

Can this be my backyard? You'd catch me out here lounging all day, every day. ;)

Now let's recap: mingle, eat, dance...check, check, check - the festival party checklist is complete. Until next time Coachella! See more of our blogger Coachella adventures by searching the hashtag below or on the Coachella.Fashion website (HERE). Enjoy and I'll be posting pictures of my festival outfits soon!


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