Best of 2015 Street Style Outfits


Before the year ends, here's a round-up of my favorite street style looks from 2015...

First off, THANK YOU to everyone for all your love and support on my blog. It has been such an amazing year and I'm so thankful to be able to share it with you. What started as a fun project a couple years ago has now become a second baby. I love watching my blog grow, meeting new people, and trying new things. So cheers to that and more of it too! See below for my top street style look for 2015 which also happens to be some of my favorite moments of the year as well. Also, click on the link next to it for more pictures plus outfit details. Enjoy!

{Best of January 2015} SoCal Blues Against the Ocean Hues (HERE)

{Best of February 2015} A Blissful Moment for Valentine's Day (HERE)

{Best of March 2015} Denim Overalls for Coachella (HERE)

{Best of April 2015} Casual Comfy in Lucky Ripped Jeans (HERE)

{Best of May 2015} Romping Around the Beach (HERE

{Best of August 2015} Tie-Dye Summer Dress (HERE

{Best of September 2015} A Little Red Dress (HERE)

{Best of October 2015} Halloween Bunny Lace Ears (HERE)

{Best of November 2015} Coach Fall 2015 Boots (HERE

On a fun side note, here are my #2015bestnine photos from Instagram (@kimberly_luu). Apparently I love food (true) and so do you!

Well that's a wrap. Have a happy and safe time celebrating the start of 2016 everyone. See you all next year! ;)


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