Starting Over


Life gets tough...

Things don't go as planned. Nothing seems to be working. Everything's falling apart. When this happens, just know it's not forever. You can pause life, re-analyze the situation, and move forward. Yes, you CAN do that! Because the good thing about life is that you can start over at any time. There is no one set plan to follow because you get to make your own rules in life so live it the way you want to!

What is something you want to accomplish before the end of the year? Whether it's redecorating your room, going on a trip, or even trying out a new recipe, write it down and make a plan to accomplish it!

{FASHION TIP: Throw on sneakers to make an outfit feel more relaxed and casual.}

{WEARING} shirt dress c/o Velvet Heart Clothing :: Van's sneakers gifted from the boyfriend :: sunglasses c/o Chili Beans :: ring c/o 7 Charming Sisters :: bracelet c/o Sterling Forever :: Mango clutch from Barcelona trip :: nail polish c/o Essie 

1 comment

  1. Wow, you look absolutely amazing in this outfit!
    I really like your canvas sneakers. 😀
    Are These Vans without any socks?


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