17 Years in the Making #TKeverlasting


You guessed it, today marks our 17th year dating anniversary...

It's also been one year since the Mister and I got married at the courthouse (here) and, boy, has lots of things happened since then! For today's love post, I'm sharing never-before-seen photos from our "engagement photo shoot" (I put quote marks because they are our photos for that but we actually took it after we were married from the courthouse).

One of our favorite cities is San Francisco. So it was no wonder that we escaped OC after our courthouse marriage to go there! Even though we've gone here many times, there were still so many things we haven't seen yet (like this scenic spot here).

We woke up super early before sunrise to get ready to Uber out to the Palace of the Fine Arts. Since it was the weekend, you have to get here super early to avoid the crowds. Which was super worth it to have the whole place to ourselves!

From the cool architecture to all the greenery and little pond, definitely take a trip out to the Palace of the Fine Arts if you have time. You may even spot people having picnics here! How cute is that?

We didn't hire a photographer because we weren't sure if we could squeeze in time to take photos here but I'm so glad we did! It wasn't easy using a tripod (so pardon the slightly blurry photos). Just like life, not everything can be clear and perfect, sometimes you just got to work with what you've got and enjoy the moment!

What is something you enjoy doing?

Well I definitely love date nights and we are going to have one tonight to celebrate. Happy 17 years to us! Thanks for reading and sendnig you hugs!

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