Food for Fridays: The Filling Station, Orange


Since I forgot to do last week's Food for Fridays post, I decided to create 2 for this week. Double the deliciousness!

This week's food post is all about Old Town Orange. On the corner of one of the blocks near Chapman University in this little historic looking town is The Filling Station. This place always seems to be crowded every time I come so it must be popular among the locals.

1. Orange/pomegranate mimosas - really good combination! And with the bottle for $15 versus the individual $8/glass, it's well worth it to order the bottle. ;)
2. Waffles - bananas and walnut are 2 of my favorite toppings for waffles. If it had granola too, it would have been perfect. (however, nothing has ever tasted better than the Solvang waffles!)
3. Eggs benedict - good but I still like the one at Plum's Cafe better.

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: The Filling Station Cafe, 201 N. Glassell St., Orange, CA. Tel: (714) 289-9714.


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