Food for Fridays: R+D Kitchen, Newport Beach


After the fashion shows, Jud and I went to R+D Kitchen for a late lunch. By this time we were SUPER STARVING and couldn't wait to eat!

1. Tabbouleh $4 - I've never had this before so it was very...interesting...different from your normal salad that's for sure. The spices can be strong for some if you are sensitive to that.
2. French dip sandwich $18 - delicious delicious delicious! Umm did I mention it was delicious? Tender meat, smooth-textured bread, great au jus, and mild horseradish sauce (I usually stay away from this & I actually liked it here). The meal was [as Mr. Burns from The Simpsons would say] excellenttt! No wonder it's one of their most popular items!
3. Chocolate dessert of the day - this wasn't chocolate cake and it wasn't chocolate mousse. What was it? It was almost like jello. Eating a chunk of whipped chocolate by itself isn't appealing to me. Now if it had a biscuit or scone with it so I could dip it, that probably would have made it taste better. It did look pretty tho!
4. Merlot - complimented our meal and it was the perfect way for us to end our day.

They also have a veggie burger ($15) which is made in-house and fresh daily. That sounded so good I want to try that next time! R+D Kitchen, I will be back. Trust!

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: R+D Kitchen, 555 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA. Tel: (949) 219-0555.


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